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I haven't posted here in a while ...

… mainly because I send off the occasional tweet instead. As if I am so busy I can't take the time to write more than 140 characters. :) I am going to start blogging again, I think. If nothing else, it will help keep my writing skills sharp.

We have done a fair amount of traveling in the last year. I just posted photos from our most recent cruise on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. Pics from other trips to follow.

Below is a picture taken at Orient Beach in St. Martin (the French side of an island that is half French and half Dutch). Looking forward to our next trip to this beautiful place.


I [heart] Apple to death!

You know how sometimes, when you find yourself surrounding by rude obnoxious people gabbing on cell phones, you wish the damn things had never been invented? Well, watch this iPhone commercial and think about it the next time the guy sitting behind you on the train takes out his cell phone and you want to smack him.

Directed by Sam Mendes. "When You're Smiling" sung by Louis Armstrong. Apple, you rock!

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MoveMe / PCmover in Japanese

Isn't it cute? I wonder how many people worldwide have benefited from my husband's genius. :)

Japanese version of PCmover from Laplink (formerly known as MoveMe from Spearit Software).

Japanese version of PCmover from Laplink (formerly known as MoveMe from Spearit Software). Above: front of box. Below: back of box.

Japanese version of PCmover from Laplink (formerly known as MoveMe from Spearit Software).

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I love love love ...

... receiving packages from China. Chinese characters are so beautiful. They remind me of snowflakes.

Chinese Export Form

Do you think that the characters circled in pink mean "United States"?

Chinese Characters = US?

I also love Hello Kitty. And I love the bag I got from Hannah in China. Very reasonable. Very well made. Perfect handbag for traveling.

Hello Kitty Bag.

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Evian Roller Babies

I feel as if I am always the last person on earth to learn about a cool commercial or video or performer or whatever. Has everyone else known about Evian Babies for a while??

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I know ... bad hacker! bad!

... but I still laughed my @** off when I saw this!

You gotta love Austin!

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If I hadn't seen this ad ...

... with my own eyes I'd swear it had to be a joke. It isn't bad enough that we are bombarded by rap music ringtones everywhere we go. Soon we will be assaulted by PERFUME emanating from laptop computers, too!

Perfumed laptop
Perfumed laptop

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The back-peddling begins ...

From the web site:
Over the weekend President-elect Barack Obama scrubbed, his transition Web site, deleting most of what had been a massive agenda copied directly from his campaign Web site.

Gone are the promises on how an Obama administration would handle 25 different agenda items - everything from Iraq and immigration to taxes and urban policy - all items laid out on his campaign Web site,

Instead, the official agenda on has been boiled down to one vague paragraph proclaiming a plan “to revive the economy, to fix our health care, education, and social security systems, to define a clear path to energy independence, to end the war in Iraq responsibly and finish our mission in Afghanistan, and to work with our allies to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, among many other domestic and foreign policy objectives.”

“We are currently retooling the Web site,” said Obama spokesman Nick Shapiro.

The Kool-Aid should start to wear off soon.

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New Years Resolution (for your computer)

I have been trying out lots of new computer products of late and I want to recommend a few things that I have found particulary useful.

The first is an online back-up system that everybody should sign up for ASAP. Yes, everybody! It doesn't matter if you are a Mac user like me or saddled with an inferior operating system like Windows. You should get yourself over to and sign up for their free account, which gives you two gigs of storage along with some nifty software to get your files from your computer to the Mozy site. (And did I mention that it is totally free?)

Mozy has a software client for both Windows and Mac OS X. The Mac client is still in beta, and although it is a bit quirky, it is very usable. And super easy! With either version, you can let the software make suggestions about what should be backed up OR select files and folders yourself.

If, like me, you have way more than two gigs worth of data files to back-up (I have already uploaded almost ten gigs), you can get upgrade to an account with UNLIMITED storage for $4.95 a month. And even if, like me, you have an external backup drive connected to your computer, you should still have your files stored at another location for an extra layer of protection. (If your house burns down, that external drive won't be much help, will it?)

(NOTE: If you have more than two gigs of data files to back up and some of them are images, make sure you sign up for a free Flickr account and use that to store your images. Then you can just use Mozy for the rest of your stuff.)

To set up either a free 2 gig account OR an unlimited paid account, click the Mozy banner to the right of this message. You WILL thank me! :)

Stephen Bishop - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Stephen Bishop - Save It for a Rainy Day
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It seems to work.

The site needs a bit of tweaking, but overall it was much easier than I expected. If you find a broken link or something, please let me know.

Beth Nielsen Chapman - Beth Nielsen Chapman
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lots going on since i last wrote

I have been very bad about blogging. I guess that is better than being bad AT blogging which would mean that my writing sucks. I don't think my posts suck. I just think they are too few and far between.

Since I last wrote I formed an LLC (Catland Enterprises LLC) to deal with some business ventures I am starting up. I have owned the domain for years and will continue to use it for the new business.

As you will see from the web site, I am available as an eBay trading assistant, which means I sell stuff on eBay for people who don't want to bother selling their own stuff. I will also be teaching eBay classes in the near future. Stay tuned!

If you don't have an eBay account but think you might want to buy or sell something in the next 30 days, please consider signing up by clicking on the eBay banner below. It doesn't cost you anything and I get a few bucks. Thanks!

Discover how much fun eBay can be!

I used to set up the LLC and was very happy with them. LegalZoom was started by Robert Shapiro. (you might remember him from the O.J. trial.) The web site has tons of helpful information that you can read before you decide to initiate any legal process. Once you do, they keep you informed every step of the way with emails and phone calls. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Form Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

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What Tracfone doesn’t want you to know

If you have a digital Tracfone (pay-as-you-go cell phone), your friends can leave you voicemail messages. On the Tracfone web site, they tell you how to listen to your messages using your Tracfone. They do not, however, tell you how to retrieve messages from another phone. The reason is simple. They want you to use up your minutes listening to your voicemail from your cell phone so you will buy more Tracfone cards and spend more money.

You can retrieve your messages from any other phone using the same method that other cell phone companies offer. Just dial your Tracfone number. When your voicemail greeting starts to play, punch in * (asterisk/star) followed by your passcode/pin. The greeting stops and in a few seconds you will be told if you have new messages, just as if you had called in on your Tracfone and no minutes are deducted from your balance.

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Good things come to those who wait

As a Mac user who fell in love with Konfabulator, I was upset when Apple built their own widget system from scratch instead of buying the original from its developers. Looks like the guys will come out alright after all.

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My Blogging Tool of Choice

I use a nifty blogging utility called ecto. (I use the Mac version, but they have a Windows version, too.) The Wordpress interface makes it pretty easy to create and edit posts with a browser, but there are many advantages to using a full-featured blogging tool like ecto.

ecto is inexpensive ($17.95 for either version) and you can use it for a couple weeks before you buy to make sure you like it. The developer is constantly updating it and is very responsive to support questions, etc. If you do a lot of blogging, take it for a spin. Highly recommended!

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Fun Web Sites

I have found a number of web sites where you can add your own text to an image of a sign or some other object to create a personalized image for your own use. Some sites offer you the opportunity to buy magnets made from your images. Here are some examples. Visit and enjoy!


CA License Plate


Candy Heart Maker


Acme Label Maker




The Church Sign Generator

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People with too much time on their hands

A guy named Earl Vickers has created a web site called the Museum of Conceptual Art. Among the "art projects" Mr. Vickers claims to have created is the first Pig Latin translation of the Bible. Available for your enlightenment are the Book of Genesis, the Book of Job, and the Gospel according to John.

I hope that the author found a Pig Latin translation program someplace and didn't really "translate" this stuff himself. (The end result would still be "art", wouldn't it?)

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I am SOOOO in love with my Mac!!

I've discovered the most amazing OS X app -- Konfabulator! It's a javascript "engine" that runs cute little applets called Widgets that do anything and everything. I'm testing a blog posting widget right now. If this post appears, it works!

Time Magazine Explains the Blog Phenom

This Time magazine article presents the history of blogging and points you to some influential/interesting/successful blogs.

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