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Give the guy a break!

It's hard to find time for romance when you are the leader of the free world!

NEW DELHI [News Wire Services] - President Bush is taking some ribbing on his trip to India for failing to take his wife to one of the world's most romantic sites - the Taj Mahal.

Toasting his guests at a luncheon yesterday, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh couldn't resist teasing Bush.

"I am truly sorry the President is not taking you to Taj Mahal this time," Singh told the Frist Lady. "I hope he will be more chivalrous next time you are here."

The President said Singh wasn't the only one to notice the omission.

"I've been hearing about it from Laura ever since I told her that we weren't going," he said.

The majestic 17th-century white marble mausoleum is a monument to love, built by Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

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