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Congrats to Larry Brown and Co.

Tuesday night we watched the Detroit Pistons win the NBA Finals, beating the Lakers in five games. We hate the Lakers and we SO wanted them to lose! In an ideal world, Larry Brown would have coached our Sixers to victory. Still, it was nice to see him finally taking some team all the way, even if it wasn't ours, and to see the Laker dynasty stopped dead in its tracks!

So four hours after the champagne bottles were uncorked in Detroit, the following was posted on "Pistons looking like Motown's one-hit wonder... Enjoy this title, Piston fans, because it won't happen next year".

Sounds like a comment scribbled by a disgruntled Laker fan, doesn't it. But it's not. It was written by contributor Bob Duff, who apparently writes for a newspaper in Ontario. (That would be Ontario, CANADA, not Ontario, CALIFORNIA.)

Why does Mr. Duff believe the Pistons have peaked? He gives two reasons.

1) Larry Brown focuses on DEFENSE and, according to this bozo, a team that wins a title by defending can't do it more than once. (I don't know about that. I think any team that can defend Kobe and KING KONG well enough to win 5 games out of 6 might be on to something...)

2) Rasheed Wallace might not be on the roster next year. (I guess Bob didn't notice that Rasheed sat out big chunks of games 3 and 4 due to foul trouble and the Pistons still managed to win those games!)

Personally, I think people who live in that frozen tundra to the north of us should stick to writing about hockey and socialized medicine and leave the NBA to us. If they have to put their two cents in, maybe they could at least wait a day or two to start raining on the victory parade.

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