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I wish I ate pizza …

... so I could boycott Pizza Hut.

From today's L.A.Times:
Steve Harvey: Only in L.A.

'And Would You Like a Reminder of Your Age With the Pizza?'

"Getting old is getting old," said Alvin Ellis, age 63, "but who wants to be reminded of it while dining at Pizza Hut?" Ellis was referring to a sales receipt he received at an L.A. eatery that identified him and his 79-year-old companion as "A Old Man and A Old Woman" (see accompanying).

Ellis complained at the time, and said he was told by the cashier that she was sorry but that "it was to assist her in remembering who had placed the order." He talked to the cashier's supervisor, and was told she also was sorry but that it happened "to be the way they do things here."

Finally, he phoned the company's complaint line and was told that the identification was not "appropriate" and that the cost of his meal would be refunded. More than 60 days later, he said, he still hasn't received the refund.

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