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screwed up value systems in a PC-addled world

In an AP story, Hollywood "insiders" debate the future of Mel Gibson's career following his recent arrest for DUI and alleged drunken anti-Semitic comments:

One media expert said Gibson irreparably damaged his career with his "crazy" behavior following his arrest by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies in Malibu early Friday. Charges of anti-Semitism were also leveled against the actor-director with the release of his 2004 blockbuster "The Passion of the Christ."

"It's a nuclear disaster for him," said publicist Michael Levine, who has represented Michael Jackson and Charlton Heston, among others. "I don't see how he can restore himself."

I would remind Mr. Levine that director Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13 year old girl and fled the country to avoid prosecution, yet he was given an Academy Award years later. Does he believe that driving (and making stupid racist comments) while drunk is a greater crime than child rape? If folks in the entertainment industry think so, they are definitely out of touch with mainstream America. (But we already knew that, didn't we.)

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