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Cool Earrings

I really like the software (WordPress) that I am using for this web site. In my quest for "plug-ins" (WordPress enhancements) that I can use to make the site even spiffier, I stumbled upon the web site of ScriptyGoddess, a young lady named Jennifer who is a php/WordPress script writer extraordinaire.

In addition to her programming prowess, she is also an artist. She has an online business called Above The Fold that sells beautiful handmade origami earrings, among other things. I ordered the butterfly earrings shown below, but she also makes lovely crane earrings. Click here to visit her store.

Visit for lovely handmade origami earrings.

If starvation is so painless …

... why is Terri Schiavo on a morphine drip?

Schindler family attorney David C. Gibbs III said on CBS' "Face the Nation" that "They've begun giving her morphine drip for the pain.", according to the L.A. Times.

According to another article in the L.A.Times , some experts claim that "dying of starvation and dehydration is a peaceful end for the ill."

A third L.A. Times article says the following about a woman who allowed her son's feeding tube to be removed: For six days, [the mother] sat by her son's bed, watching him die. Blisters pocked his mouth and tongue. His frail body shook with muscle cramps. It was agonizing, she says now: "gruesome, prolonged." (This mother, incidently, believes that her decision to discontinue tube feeding was the right one for her son.)

Maybe the truth is that some people suffer horribly when deprived of food and others don't, and we won't know how a person will react until we stop feeding them.

Sometimes it seems as if …

... the Catholic Church WANTS to chase people away.

From Like many Catholic children, Haley Pelly-Waldman, 9, had looked forward to her first communion. ... Four years ago, the New Jersey girl was diagnosed with a rare digestive disorder called celiac disease, leaving her unable to eat wheat — not even the tiny amount in the wafer at the communion table. In order to accommodate Haley's medical condition, her priest substituted the wheat wafer with one made of rice. But ... the Diocese of Trenton, said, "Bread, to be valid matter for the eucharist, must be made solely of wheat." The local diocese ruled that Haley's first communion didn't count, and reprimanded the priest who gave her that rice wafer. [Read the complete story here.]

So a priest has the power to turn bread into the body of Christ during Mass, but not if the host is made of rice? If we want to get picky here, a host (even one made of wheat) isn't really BREAD, is it? It sure doesn't look like any bread I've ever eaten.

Where did these flat little wafers come from, anyway? Hundreds of years ago they didn't use them, right? So at some point, they switched from bread to wafers. And someone chiseled in stone that the wafer had to have wheat in it?

Is it just me or does it seem utterly ridiculous to exclude this devout little girl from experiencing the sacrament of Communion but to allow someone like Terri Schiavo, who is pretty much unaware of her surroundings, to partake?
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Who says Peeps are just for Easter?

If you look forward to finding yummy, chick-shaped Marshmallow Peeps in the stores around Easter, you might want to pick up the Marshmallow Peeps Marshmallow Maker Machine from Wham-o.

Marshmallow Peeps Marshmallow Maker Machine

Yes, now you can have Peeps in a variety of shapes and colors all year round, assuming you are willing to concoct them yourself and then clean up the mess. (I like Peeps as much as the next guy -- okay, way more than the next guy -- but it seems like a lot of trouble to me!)

Burning The Daze

Burning The Daze by Marc Cohn

Burning The Daze

by Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn's albums are a great blend of rock, blues and ballads, with lyrics that put one in mind of Randy Newman's non-humorous songs (think "Same Girl" or "Baltimore"). It is easy to see why Cohn's fans are chomping at the bit for his long-promised fourth album.


Waking Hour by Vienna Teng

Waking Hour by Vienna Teng

Waking Hour

by Vienna Teng

Singer-songwriter-pianist (and former computer programmer) Vienna Teng is opening for Marc Cohn as he tours this fall. If you get a chance to see her (with or without Grammy winner Marc "Walking in Memphis" Cohn), jump at the chance. She is amazing.


JT by James Taylor

JT by James Taylor


by James Taylor

"... no more grey mornings. I think I'd rather die ... "

James Taylor has put out so much good music over the years that it is hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose ... I think this would be it. The man is a god.


Gonna Wear Red by Wendy Woo

Gonna Wear Red by Wendy Woo

Gonna Wear Red

by Wendy Woo

One of these days Wendy Woo's career is going to move up to the next level and she'll finally get the national acclaim she deserves. Give her a listen.


Soothing the Savage Beast


Hey Nostradamus! by Douglas Coupland

Hey Nostradamus! by Douglas Coupland

Hey Nostradamus!

by Douglas Coupland

This novel by Vancouver-based author Douglas Coupland ("Microserfs") begins with a Columbine-like attack at a public high school. The opening chapter is narrated by one of the students who was murdered (a la "The Lovely Bones"). The rest of the book follows the lives of several people who were affected by the tragedy. Over a period of 15 years, we watch as they try to move past the events of that day. Some authors run out of steam after a few books. So far, Coupland is still going strong.


Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman

Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman

Blackbird House

by Alice Hoffman

A beautifully written collection of related stories about the families who live in a Cape Cod house during a 200 year period. If you haven't read Alice Hoffman before, you are in for a treat. If you have, you won't be disappointed.


A Girl Becomes A Comma Like That

A Girl Becomes a Comma Like That by Lisa Glatt

A Girl Becomes a Comma Like That: A Novel

by Lisa Glatt

First novel from talented Long Beach (CA) poet Lisa Glatt. Her writing blew me away in the mid-80's (when we both attended CSULB as creative writing majors). Since then, she has only gotten better. I can't recommend "Comma" (and her poetry collections) highly enough.


Hostage by Robert Crais

Hostage by Robert Crais


by Robert Crais

From the author of the Elvis Cole detective series (also highly recommended). A cop moves out to the 'burbs to forget about a hostage situation that ended badly but bad luck follows him to his new assignment. Bruce Willis stars as the tormented cop in the recently-released film version. You won't want to put this one down.


So many books … So little time …


Donnelly at the Yellow Balloon

To test the enhanced WordPress blog-by-email plug-in which allows one to post messages with inline graphics (written by John Blade) I selected this shot of Donnelly Jacobson (son of Ken and Nicole Jacobson) getting his first haircut at the Yellow Balloon on Ventura Blvd. If a picture appears below, it worked!

(You can download the plug-in here .)


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the papers are filled with
talk of war and gasoline,
parched deserts and
banks gone bad.
the woman in missouri
hears none of this,
only the voices of
doctors and nurses,
judges and loved ones
squabbling over quality of life.

like them, i also had to choose.
i wonder still if i chose wisely.

some wait for houdini to return
with tales of the hereafter.
i wait for you to send word
that you concur with the courts,
that you are finally
and gratefully
at peace.

Kathy Hand

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What a lovely photo!

Iraqi woman who just voted.

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